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  • No participants are allowed to join the class after the warm up has finished. It is at the instructor's discretion whether to allow participation at any time after the class has started.

  • ​Class and appointment bookings must be cancelled if you can no longer attend. This includes if you have been added to a class from your position on the waitlist. Cancellations can be completed in your Mindbody account, or by contacting the Sporting Club of Sydney on 02 9380 0102 or

  • If you do not sign into a booked class or appointment, it will be recorded as a "no-show" on your account. If you incur 3 or more no-shows within any 2-week period, your account may be at risk of a 7-day suspension from booking classes or appointments.

  • If you "late-cancel" within the minimum cancellation window, this will either be recorded as a late cancellation, or will result in the forfeiture of the cost of the paid service. The following cancellation windows will be enforced:

    • Classes: 60 minutes​

    • Appointment services (squash, Virtual Golf, infrared sauna): 60 minutes

    • Child-minding: 120 minutes

    • Day Spa: 24 hours


  • This studio will be locked during classes to prevent interruption.

  • Instructors will keep this open a few minutes into the class, but once the door is closed it is at their discretion if you can safely join the class or not.

  • Any patrons who turn up late and are not allowed in, without calling ahead and notifying us, will be deemed a 'no-show' .


  • Grip socks are essential for participation in reformer classes for hygiene, safety and longevity of the reformer beds. You may bring your own or purchase a pair from reception for $22.

  • No zippers or jewellery as these can damage the upholstery.

  • Please wipe down equipment after use.

  • Masking tape will be provided to cover these items cannot be removed.

  • In the interest of fairness, please limit bookings to this class type to once per week.


  • ​To protect the Sporting Club of Sydney hammocks and your skin we recommend:

    • Wearing a shirt that covers the underarms and belly (no crop tops)

    • Wearing tights to cover the thighs (no short shorts)

    • Clothing without zippers and/or buckles

    • No jewellery (other than a wedding band). Diamond rings can tear the fabric.

    • Avoiding large meals or drink within two hours of the class - inversions can cause nausea with a full stomach.

Please note: Aerial may not be suitable if you suffer: Glaucoma, Vertigo, Motion sickness, High blood pressure, Cardiovascular disease or have had a recent surgery.


  • ​Please wear your own inners or wraps; inners are available for purchase at reception. Gloves are available if you have inners but we encourage you to bring your own.


  • ​Please silence your phone (including vibration) during Yoga and Pilates classes to prevent disturbing the relaxing ambience and environment for other participants.

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