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Oscar Bradley



Certificate III & IV in Fitness


Training clients of an advanced age.

Finding the minimum effective dose of exercise for a clients health, wellbeing and physical goals.

Creating a fun and welcoming training environment.

Swim coaching.

Helping people who engage in recreational sport to build a stronger, robust and more athletic body.


I grew up in the 'Gong, loving water sports, and competed at an elite level as a junior in swimming and Ironman. Now, I compete in track (at a much lower level!). I have more than 10-years' experience in the fitness industry, and boast a responsible approach to exercise prescription.

I can tell you my life story in under 90 seconds.

I love exercise, let me help you love it too.

FAVOURITE SPORTS TEAM: 2004 Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

FAVOURITE SONG TO TRAIN TO: My own head noise.

TOP OF MY BUCKET LIST? Live through three centuries.

TESTIMONIAL: “I’ve found Oscar to be an excellent trainer: emphasising the right things for me, given my age and (lack of) fitness - and always making it an enjoyable workout.” - Chris F

0421 221 223

Oscar Bradley
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